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Hard Drive Shredding


To protect your company and ensure your electronic information isn't falling into the wrong hands and eyes of others is to contact  Alliance Hard Drive Shredding Service to properly destroy your old electronic media at your location in Frisco Texas and surrounding areas. We ensure confidential and highly sensitive data isn't compromised. Information stored on hard drives is not as safe as you may want to think it is.  When a hard drive is approaching end of life, proper hard drive destruction procedures should include shredding  or punching in the disposal process. By shredding or punching hard drives, electronic media or tape media you can rest assured your information is not available for recovery by third parties.

Alliance provides confidential on-site hard drive destruction services to any  location in Texas, we will ensure that your hard drives are properly destroyed before our truck leaves your location and then properly recycled. Our professionally trained technicians will travel to your  facility and, while in your presence, destroy hard drives, and any other media types.

 We offer two types of destruction, #1 On-site shredding where our truck shreds at  your location. #2 We also provide on-site punching, 

 Our hard drive  punching equipment applies enough force to push out the drive motor  and break the platter, making it impossible to recover any data off your  hard drives. After the hard drive destruction is complete, all materials are taken for proper recycling.
Recycling and Complying with Legislation
Alliance is committed to making sure each punched/shredded hard drive is in compliance with federal and state regulations so you can rest easy  knowing your information is disposed of safely. Whether you're a School,  Dealership, medical facility, financial organization, or any type of  business, having a certificate of destruction ensures the final step in the data destruction process for full compliancy with privacy laws like HIPAA, DOD, FERPA, FACTA and GLBA. Call for a free quote 972-695-9557


Hard Drive Shredding

Shredding Hard drives at your location .

Hard drive punching destruction

Hard Drive Punching

Punching hard drives at your location